Sunday, April 8, 2012

Majahuitas, Mexico

Sunday, April 1
Our first day there we were at the beach and went back to our casita and it was swarming with killer ants. It was scary! The steps were black and moving. We asked for a broom to sweep them off and every time the guy would sweep the ants would storm back like crazy. We finally got into the casita and the floors were covered as well. I stopped for one second and was bit. I told Drew it wasn't going to do and we headed back to tell the owner Margo. She gave us a surprised look and took of running for our casita yelling behind her how we can't move them or it will take them longer to move through. I guess it happens once a year and the ants literally move in a swarm and kill everything in their path such as other insects or clear out old dead debre. They usually move through in an hours time and then they are gone. It is thought to be a good sign and Margo says she loves it because you don't have to worry about any spiders or scorpions around. I didn't take any pictures because of them, but now I am kicking myself because I didn't. It was the coolest thing to see.
Monday, April 2
The second day was fun on the beach and the most awesome massage that lasted for over an hour! I even fell asleep and woke myself up with a snort! Every day we would wake up to a view that knocked your socks off and dozed off staring off into a coastal view with waves breaking onto the shore. Eating with everyone at dinner was also a treat. We met people from Holland, Canada, London, Palo Alto, Seattle, Ohio. Breakfast and lunches were served under these little thatch arbors and that of course made our mouths water each time. At night they would light your way with candles made right there at the resort. All the casitas were aglow with the candles and just made the place even more special.
Tuesday, April 3
We took a 2 and half hour hike to a waterfall through the Mexican forest/jungle. Our guide Andy, was from a small village that we would eventually go to and then boat back to Majahuitas. Andy, who ended up being Drew's BFF there stopped and had us taste neat fruit, showed how a local plant acted like a rub on tattoo, and introduced us to his family that lived in the village. I was too chicken to swim out to the falls, but Drew was all for it. That night we had our romantic dinner on the beach looking at nothing but stars and hearing the rhythmic beats of the surf.
Wednesday, April 4
Was our 20 minute boat trip to Yulepa, a neighboring village. While there we walked amongst the houses and streets that were often in ruins. We would come across great architecture and buildings. Those guests that left Majahuitas before us told us we had to try the pie lady's pie. Sure enough, there was a cute woman wondering the beach with pie on her head that ranged from delicious pieces of banana, coconut, apple,chocolate, pecan, lemon, chocolate coconut, and cheese. Drew and I settled in on one piece of chocolate coconut and one apple. YUM!!! While there we shopped the little markets and finally got the girls their star fish that they have wanted forever, cute sun dresses, and a necklace for Dalton.
Thursday, April 5
We had to leave at 2:00 and boy was I a sad girl. It was a bit over casted so we lounged by the beach, read, and just soaked in the views before we headed back in the little boat to Puerto Villarta to catch our flight back to Arizona. The only thing I was glad about not seeing was the pirate ship. The pirate ship meant tourist were coming to invade half of the beach. Boy did they invade too! We were shocked at the amount of people that were boated from those ships. The good thing though, is the ship would only stay for a few hours and then they were gone. I swear it took them half that time just to unload and reload the people. They crammed them all in the ships like sardines. Also, people could not use any of the facilities of Majahuitas or go past a certain line. To me it would not be worth $80 or be considered a fun adventure. No matter what, Drew and I had a relaxing and most enjoyable time. I literally cried as we left and smiled as the staff and new found friends waved us off shouting out good-byes and safe wishes. It was an experience that we will both treasure!

Press on link to view slide show of our trip.

Arizona Fun

Grandpa Joe and Grandma Barb were the champions over spring break and super heroes to Drew, me, and the kids. Drew and I were so grateful for them because they gave us a chance to get away to Mahajuitas, Mexico and the kids a fun in the sun spring break. They took all four kiddos for 5 days when we were gone, spoiled them with swimming in the pool, hitting golf balls, seeing the Lorax, and taking them to the Reid Zoo. I will have to upload photos that Barb took when I get the CD, but here are some of the cute ones that I took before and after Mexico.

Happy Birthday Anthon & Brook!

Drew and I were blessed with two amazing spirits in March . . . Anthon & Brook! March 13th Anthon turned 2 and on St. Patrick's Day our Brookers turned 5. We had quiet little birthdays with just family, but the grins were still as big as ever.

Anthon loves trucks and playing with "Dah-an Ay-goes" (Dalton's Legos).
Too darn cute!!
Brook really wanted a My Little Pony birthday cake, dollies, pajamas, and Barbie clothes.

Brook & Daddy putting on mommy's and daddy's ol' lettermen jackets.

December Grins

December left many grins especially since Dalton turned eleven! I can hardly believe that I am a mother of a child that old, but here Drew and I are trying to raise this most amazing kid. Dalton is such a genuine soul. When you can get him in a conversation he gets so in depth and wants to know how everything works. This caring demeanor can at times get him in trouble since he doesn't quite understand how the world totally works. He amazes me though. Dalton means well and when I understand where he comes from, I can't help but be so proud of him!

His appointment at the autistic center at University of Utah did not conquer that he had Asperger's. They did say Dalton had many of the characteristics of autism, but felt that those characteristics were more sensory based. We had confirmation that Dalton process things in a different way and we need to really try to understand first what he is thinking, what is really bothering him, and then help him process what happened through reenactment or even drawing it out.

Know matter what, I am so grateful to have been given the responsibility of raising him. He is a handsome 11 year old boy! His delicate personality is amazingly sweet and sensitive. I am so blessed!


Daddy worked Christmas Eve, so we were able to have delicious prime rib dinner at the firehouse with his new shift. We were all so happy that dad was able to make it home Christmas morning. Santa brought our family an Xbox Kinect. Boy did we have fun (and have had fun) jumping around dancing to Just Dance 3 and playing action games.

We were lucky to have Nana Doris, Dennis, Vera, & their crew come for Christmas dinner and once again enjoyed being with family and having Kinect competitions. Vera and I even got up and shook our bums off. I have to say though that Dalton and Xandry take the cake with dancing. They must get it from Drew because heavens for Betsy, I can't dance worth a darn.
Our handsome boys at the fire-station.
Xandry received a t-shirt making kit and dad was a champ to help her out.

Brookie finally got a kitty which she named "Sparkles," but Anthon has been calling it Monkey. Sorry Brook, Monkey it is.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh The Worries

Parenthood isn't easy as you all know. I feel like it has compounded lately, but am thankful for prayer, the guidance that my Heavenly Father gives, and the pure content of His love that all will be all right.
Poor Xandry was having high anxiety where she had to know where I was at all times and had to be with me. It was really manifesting itself with anything related to school. She would have these high panic, crying, hysteric, emotional, non-logical attacks when she was asked to go to bed and when she woke up in the morning. The thought of going to school petrified her and she wouldn't sleep well. She was attached to her watch and would look at it and count the minutes or hours to when she could see me again or be done with something. She would call her dad over and over telling him he had to come up from work. She even frightened her Aunt Vera one morning crying into the phone, "Help me! Please help me!" Vera didn't know what was going on and I could only imagine the fear she must have thought from hearing her niece like that. I would have thought she was abducted.

I finally told Drew that we had to take her to the doctor because it was affecting school and her personal relationships. It was one thing to present itself with school, but when she wouldn't stay with Vera or her best friend Mariah it had gotten to a whole other level because she would never want to come home from either place. The doctor diagnosed Xandry with very high anxiety and said that we were beyond the point of non-medicating. She prescribed an anti-anxiety medication. Xandry actually did not cry the other night and was singing, making up plays, and holding a conversation about school without panicking! She even went right into her class without holding onto my arm with a death grip. My little girl is back to her sociable self. I can't even express how grateful Drew and I are to have that smile back on her face.
In January we will be taking Dalton to Children's Primary Hospital to be tested for high functioning Asperger's autism. I have always thought that my handsome son had some issues that I couldn't quite put my fingers on. Dalton is very black and white, reacts, and internalizes simple things in a way that is non logical to any of us. This year his classroom teachers are finally seeing what I have seen since he was an infant. His 5th grade teachers probably thought I was a nut as I smiled and giggled at them when they wanted to discuss concerns that they have been seeing with Dalton that may be hard for me to take. I stopped them and listed everything that they were seeing. They were shocked to say the least that I actually realized the issues. Me, I was thrilled that finally his teachers saw and was understanding that my little man is different even though he appears to be like other kids his age. I was glad that they were willing to work with his struggles instead of just skipping over it or pretending it isn't there. I am not sure what Children's Primary will end up saying. When I filled out the paperwork and spoke with the assistant there she said that what I was describing did seem to be a form of Asperger's, but the doctor will let us know more come January 4th. No matter what, I hope to walk away with strategies and a better understanding of Dalton's smart brain.
Brookie actually has been doing great. She amazes me with her hazel eyes, blond hair, and eagerness to learn. She is still our feisty firecracker who told me just today that I was going to get a lump of coal from Santa because I wouldn't give her my pillow. She got a new kitty which she named Sparkles at first and then switched it to Smokie just the other day. That poor cat doesn't have a choice but love her. It is cute though. She also has been having fun having her sissy and daddy read to her my 4th grade diary, in which I was a bit boy crazy and theatrical at times. Drew said he was shocked when Brook asked him to read the bitch page. She flipped through pages and found one which she had Drew read. It talked about a boy named Mitch so he was relieved. Brook grabbed the book and heatedly said, "No, that's not it!" She flipped again and sure enough there was the nasty word on the page in reference to a girl that liked a boy that I liked. (I was 10, just remember that.) Besides being feisty, Brook also has been enjoying going to her preschool/babysitter Julie's house where she been learning her letters, writing, and creating things up a storm. Again Drew and I are filled with gratitude for Julie and her love for our two little ones.

Anthon is sick right now and it just breaks my heart. His little eyes have the sick droopy look and is boogery, but yet he is tooting away on Dalton's old recorder flute, stopping every now and then to say, "See?" He is a proud little one who likes to be noticed for what he does. This morning his favorite saying is, "be nice." He most likely picked it up because we always tell him to be nice to the cats or to us. He is talking a lot more especially phrases like, "I done." "eee-oo0" for stinkies and "i-e-u" saying each letter for I love you. He still loves playing ball and is often making anything into a basket that he can put stuff in. Though I try as I may, Anthon still prefers giving knuckles to everyone he meets including me when all I want is a kiss. Little turkey!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Photo Card

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Monday, September 5, 2011

Fighting Through

Dalton started his first year of football and tackle no less! His team is the Bulldogs and he plays wide receiver and safety. I have to give this kid credit because he wanted to play football so bad and Drew and I were a bit skeptical because Dalton has always been our sensitive one. Dalton has fought through not knowing as much as the other kids and never shed a tear after full pads and gear like many of the boys did. He has amazed us by fighting through practices and even his first game. It is not to say that he doesn't have his overwhelming moments especially since school started and practice goes until 7:30 at night. He is sticking to his commitment though and I am really hoping that he will stick with it every year.
Dalton's been fighting through emotions and the wows of growing too. With football came a nickname given by the coaches. Dalton's nickname was "Toad." Now I am not sure the reasoning behind the name, but his team members at school would call him that. Soon other kids were saying it, but not in a nice way. He was being teased for something that was supposed to be a positive thing (so the coaches said). Dalton broke down at the end of the first week and told Drew what was going on. Now Drew and I try not to be the overbearing parents, but when your kid is being teased for something that was supposed to be positive, (even though I can't imagine a to positive take on the name "Toad.") Drew called the coach and told him what was going on. A new name was given to Dalton "Warrior." The teasing has since stopped that we know of .

I can't believe the anxiety I have been feeling over my kids lately. I worry about them, how they will be treated, how they will react, how they treat others, will they know how to handle the pressures of the world? I am grateful for the gospel to help teach my children that they are a part of something so much bigger than just this time frame, but the ache of hoping that they remember this, and that they will choose right is daunting at times. I can only imagine what our Heavenly Father feels for each of us. I am sure that He too is wondering, will they remember? Will they choose the right way to make it in this world? All I can say is that like Dalton, I am fighting through. Even though there may be setbacks in my life, like his, I will keep trying.