Sunday, April 8, 2012

December Grins

December left many grins especially since Dalton turned eleven! I can hardly believe that I am a mother of a child that old, but here Drew and I are trying to raise this most amazing kid. Dalton is such a genuine soul. When you can get him in a conversation he gets so in depth and wants to know how everything works. This caring demeanor can at times get him in trouble since he doesn't quite understand how the world totally works. He amazes me though. Dalton means well and when I understand where he comes from, I can't help but be so proud of him!

His appointment at the autistic center at University of Utah did not conquer that he had Asperger's. They did say Dalton had many of the characteristics of autism, but felt that those characteristics were more sensory based. We had confirmation that Dalton process things in a different way and we need to really try to understand first what he is thinking, what is really bothering him, and then help him process what happened through reenactment or even drawing it out.

Know matter what, I am so grateful to have been given the responsibility of raising him. He is a handsome 11 year old boy! His delicate personality is amazingly sweet and sensitive. I am so blessed!


Daddy worked Christmas Eve, so we were able to have delicious prime rib dinner at the firehouse with his new shift. We were all so happy that dad was able to make it home Christmas morning. Santa brought our family an Xbox Kinect. Boy did we have fun (and have had fun) jumping around dancing to Just Dance 3 and playing action games.

We were lucky to have Nana Doris, Dennis, Vera, & their crew come for Christmas dinner and once again enjoyed being with family and having Kinect competitions. Vera and I even got up and shook our bums off. I have to say though that Dalton and Xandry take the cake with dancing. They must get it from Drew because heavens for Betsy, I can't dance worth a darn.
Our handsome boys at the fire-station.
Xandry received a t-shirt making kit and dad was a champ to help her out.

Brookie finally got a kitty which she named "Sparkles," but Anthon has been calling it Monkey. Sorry Brook, Monkey it is.

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