Saturday, December 3, 2011

Oh The Worries

Parenthood isn't easy as you all know. I feel like it has compounded lately, but am thankful for prayer, the guidance that my Heavenly Father gives, and the pure content of His love that all will be all right.
Poor Xandry was having high anxiety where she had to know where I was at all times and had to be with me. It was really manifesting itself with anything related to school. She would have these high panic, crying, hysteric, emotional, non-logical attacks when she was asked to go to bed and when she woke up in the morning. The thought of going to school petrified her and she wouldn't sleep well. She was attached to her watch and would look at it and count the minutes or hours to when she could see me again or be done with something. She would call her dad over and over telling him he had to come up from work. She even frightened her Aunt Vera one morning crying into the phone, "Help me! Please help me!" Vera didn't know what was going on and I could only imagine the fear she must have thought from hearing her niece like that. I would have thought she was abducted.

I finally told Drew that we had to take her to the doctor because it was affecting school and her personal relationships. It was one thing to present itself with school, but when she wouldn't stay with Vera or her best friend Mariah it had gotten to a whole other level because she would never want to come home from either place. The doctor diagnosed Xandry with very high anxiety and said that we were beyond the point of non-medicating. She prescribed an anti-anxiety medication. Xandry actually did not cry the other night and was singing, making up plays, and holding a conversation about school without panicking! She even went right into her class without holding onto my arm with a death grip. My little girl is back to her sociable self. I can't even express how grateful Drew and I are to have that smile back on her face.
In January we will be taking Dalton to Children's Primary Hospital to be tested for high functioning Asperger's autism. I have always thought that my handsome son had some issues that I couldn't quite put my fingers on. Dalton is very black and white, reacts, and internalizes simple things in a way that is non logical to any of us. This year his classroom teachers are finally seeing what I have seen since he was an infant. His 5th grade teachers probably thought I was a nut as I smiled and giggled at them when they wanted to discuss concerns that they have been seeing with Dalton that may be hard for me to take. I stopped them and listed everything that they were seeing. They were shocked to say the least that I actually realized the issues. Me, I was thrilled that finally his teachers saw and was understanding that my little man is different even though he appears to be like other kids his age. I was glad that they were willing to work with his struggles instead of just skipping over it or pretending it isn't there. I am not sure what Children's Primary will end up saying. When I filled out the paperwork and spoke with the assistant there she said that what I was describing did seem to be a form of Asperger's, but the doctor will let us know more come January 4th. No matter what, I hope to walk away with strategies and a better understanding of Dalton's smart brain.
Brookie actually has been doing great. She amazes me with her hazel eyes, blond hair, and eagerness to learn. She is still our feisty firecracker who told me just today that I was going to get a lump of coal from Santa because I wouldn't give her my pillow. She got a new kitty which she named Sparkles at first and then switched it to Smokie just the other day. That poor cat doesn't have a choice but love her. It is cute though. She also has been having fun having her sissy and daddy read to her my 4th grade diary, in which I was a bit boy crazy and theatrical at times. Drew said he was shocked when Brook asked him to read the bitch page. She flipped through pages and found one which she had Drew read. It talked about a boy named Mitch so he was relieved. Brook grabbed the book and heatedly said, "No, that's not it!" She flipped again and sure enough there was the nasty word on the page in reference to a girl that liked a boy that I liked. (I was 10, just remember that.) Besides being feisty, Brook also has been enjoying going to her preschool/babysitter Julie's house where she been learning her letters, writing, and creating things up a storm. Again Drew and I are filled with gratitude for Julie and her love for our two little ones.

Anthon is sick right now and it just breaks my heart. His little eyes have the sick droopy look and is boogery, but yet he is tooting away on Dalton's old recorder flute, stopping every now and then to say, "See?" He is a proud little one who likes to be noticed for what he does. This morning his favorite saying is, "be nice." He most likely picked it up because we always tell him to be nice to the cats or to us. He is talking a lot more especially phrases like, "I done." "eee-oo0" for stinkies and "i-e-u" saying each letter for I love you. He still loves playing ball and is often making anything into a basket that he can put stuff in. Though I try as I may, Anthon still prefers giving knuckles to everyone he meets including me when all I want is a kiss. Little turkey!


Raegan said...

Oh RayLynn we need to visit!!!!

Stacy said...

Hey RayLynn! I would love to hear an update on all your worries! I hope things are going ok! Love ya lots!