Sunday, April 8, 2012

Majahuitas, Mexico

Sunday, April 1
Our first day there we were at the beach and went back to our casita and it was swarming with killer ants. It was scary! The steps were black and moving. We asked for a broom to sweep them off and every time the guy would sweep the ants would storm back like crazy. We finally got into the casita and the floors were covered as well. I stopped for one second and was bit. I told Drew it wasn't going to do and we headed back to tell the owner Margo. She gave us a surprised look and took of running for our casita yelling behind her how we can't move them or it will take them longer to move through. I guess it happens once a year and the ants literally move in a swarm and kill everything in their path such as other insects or clear out old dead debre. They usually move through in an hours time and then they are gone. It is thought to be a good sign and Margo says she loves it because you don't have to worry about any spiders or scorpions around. I didn't take any pictures because of them, but now I am kicking myself because I didn't. It was the coolest thing to see.
Monday, April 2
The second day was fun on the beach and the most awesome massage that lasted for over an hour! I even fell asleep and woke myself up with a snort! Every day we would wake up to a view that knocked your socks off and dozed off staring off into a coastal view with waves breaking onto the shore. Eating with everyone at dinner was also a treat. We met people from Holland, Canada, London, Palo Alto, Seattle, Ohio. Breakfast and lunches were served under these little thatch arbors and that of course made our mouths water each time. At night they would light your way with candles made right there at the resort. All the casitas were aglow with the candles and just made the place even more special.
Tuesday, April 3
We took a 2 and half hour hike to a waterfall through the Mexican forest/jungle. Our guide Andy, was from a small village that we would eventually go to and then boat back to Majahuitas. Andy, who ended up being Drew's BFF there stopped and had us taste neat fruit, showed how a local plant acted like a rub on tattoo, and introduced us to his family that lived in the village. I was too chicken to swim out to the falls, but Drew was all for it. That night we had our romantic dinner on the beach looking at nothing but stars and hearing the rhythmic beats of the surf.
Wednesday, April 4
Was our 20 minute boat trip to Yulepa, a neighboring village. While there we walked amongst the houses and streets that were often in ruins. We would come across great architecture and buildings. Those guests that left Majahuitas before us told us we had to try the pie lady's pie. Sure enough, there was a cute woman wondering the beach with pie on her head that ranged from delicious pieces of banana, coconut, apple,chocolate, pecan, lemon, chocolate coconut, and cheese. Drew and I settled in on one piece of chocolate coconut and one apple. YUM!!! While there we shopped the little markets and finally got the girls their star fish that they have wanted forever, cute sun dresses, and a necklace for Dalton.
Thursday, April 5
We had to leave at 2:00 and boy was I a sad girl. It was a bit over casted so we lounged by the beach, read, and just soaked in the views before we headed back in the little boat to Puerto Villarta to catch our flight back to Arizona. The only thing I was glad about not seeing was the pirate ship. The pirate ship meant tourist were coming to invade half of the beach. Boy did they invade too! We were shocked at the amount of people that were boated from those ships. The good thing though, is the ship would only stay for a few hours and then they were gone. I swear it took them half that time just to unload and reload the people. They crammed them all in the ships like sardines. Also, people could not use any of the facilities of Majahuitas or go past a certain line. To me it would not be worth $80 or be considered a fun adventure. No matter what, Drew and I had a relaxing and most enjoyable time. I literally cried as we left and smiled as the staff and new found friends waved us off shouting out good-byes and safe wishes. It was an experience that we will both treasure!

Press on link to view slide show of our trip.


sue pengelly said...

Wow! Descriptive writer! I felt like i was right there! What an amazing trip!

Megan said...

Thanks for the tropical trip to get me out of my world for a bit. Glad you could go!

Raegan said...

Right on RayLynn, you finally had your beach adventure!